by Trysth

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released November 8, 2014




Trysth Sofia, Bulgaria

Founded by Assen Santev and Georgi Yoshovski back in 2005, initially Trysth evolved into a black metal project. At the end of 2011, Yavor Dimov joined the duo and this opened a new page for Trysth. Embracing the sludge/post metal style as a new emotional expresion, in the summer of 2013, the band entered Urban House studio to record its first full-lenght album entitled "Soulchambers". ... more

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Track Name: Ordeal Vision
Souls in grief
Shelter ruined

Bloodlines dissolve through endless time
In silence flesh withdraws from light
As movement sets against the tide
desolation creeps where seeds abide

Holy shadows
light my path

Breathless deeps
Walls of broken glass
void of winds
Gaze upon a sun of death
Burial visions
Ordeal of pyres
A blackened pledge was sworn
for time to be divided

Awakening at hand
Track Name: Sever the Stars
Sever the skies
and watch them thaw
Feel the desolate gaze of the gods

Fury of chaos
Tempest in seconds
Crimson trails arise like veins

Tremble the stars
Cry like a mountain
Collapsing unto now

Dead alliance
echoes black

No allegiance

The passage opens wide
Severance now come
Distances diminished

Leading the ancient procession
Mad with horror
In scorn it walks with a spine of snakes

Track Name: The Undying
Antagonized meanings
transgression of Earth
The birth of the common infused our sight
with the truth of the nameless soul

Through a path
that was once concealed
into fears that silenced the mutual beat
of all seconds

To nurture a heart
in boundaries of dreamweb
one must sing the ode of decay
onward to death

Doors of perception
opened by transient flesh
Moving further
welcomed by radiance of
all the horizons

Shores of altered vision, silence drowned
Accumulation dims the true self
Walk through nether grounds - neurotic and concrete
Meditation streams towards ascent
Dreadful edges - the trials within height
The will shall take its plunge to be born
Mouth of the volcano yawning wide
Fire transmutes scatterred life to essence

And on echoes roar
enchanting the baffled minds
absorbing the reasons
negating the doubts

And ears that will hear them
have struggled with every breath
until there's no air to breathe in
and life is mirrored in death

No home for the undying
Life that's mirrored in death

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